General Information

Type of investment

  • Brownfield


  • State


  • Alagoas

Estimated investment (R$ million)


Grant (R$ million)


* The estimated investment of R$ 5.2 Bi is the total for the project, divided into R$ 2.5 Bi for Block A, R$ 1.6 Bi for Block B and R$ 1.1 Bi for Block C.

** Grant amount not yet disclosed.


The project includes the concession of Water Distribution, Sewage Collection and Treatment and Commercial Management services for users in the 102 municipalities of the state of Alagoas, with the division of these municipalities in 3 Blocks (A, B and C)

Block A, which, by decision of the State Government, will be auctioned first, covers the Metropolitan Region of Maceió, capital of the state of Alagoas, including 13 municipalities, serving 1.4 million people, corresponding to 44 % of the state's population.

Block B (West Region) has about 800 thousand inhabitants, and Block C (East Region) has a total of 1.2 million inhabitants. 

CASAL, the state-ownedd company that currently provides the services, will remain responsible for the collection, treatment and supply of drinking water for the private operator in Blocks A and B. 
The schedule presented here refers only to Block A. The estimated schedules for Blocks B and C are under preparation.

Contractual structure

Privatization format

  • Concession

Project revenues

  • Water and sewage tariff

Contract term

35 years

Auction type

  • Highest grant

Demand information

Total population within the scope of the project: 1,393,058


Milestone Estimated quarter Status
technical studies 4Q 2018 completed
public hearing 1Q 2020 completed
approval of audit courts 1Q 2020 completed
tender documents 3Q 2020 completed
auction 3Q 2020 completed
contract 1Q 2021 to be carried out