General Information

Type of investment

  • Brownfield


  • State


  • Amapá

Estimated investment (R$ million)


Grant (R$ million)



The project includes the full concession of Water Supply and Sewage services in the urban areas of the 16 municipalities in the state of Amapá, serving 722 thousand people.
The state of Acre does not have a Metropolitan Region and was thus not divided into blocks. The city with the largest population is Rio Branco, the state capital, followed by Santana.
The goals of universal coverage, to be met by the private operator in the project area, are:

- Water: from 38% to 99% of the population between the fourth and eleventh year, depending on the municipality.

- Sewage: from 7% to 90% of the population between the seventeenth and the eighteenth year, depending on the municipality.

Contractual structure

Privatization format

  • Concession

Project revenues

  • Water and sewage tariff

Contract term

35 years

Auction type

  • Lowest fee adjustment

Demand information

Total population within the scope of the project: 722,000


Milestone Estimated quarter Status
technical studies 1Q 2018 completed
public hearing 4Q 2020 in progress
approval of audit courts 4Q 2020 to be carried out
tender documents 4Q 2020 to be carried out
auction 1Q 2021 to be carried out
contract 2Q 2021 to be carried out