General Information

Type of investment

  • Brownfield


  • Municipality


  • Rio Grande do Sul

Estimated investment (R$ million)


Grant (R$ million)

* The project is in the initial phase of studies, so that, only at the end, it will be possible to obtain a better estimate of the investment and grant amounts (if there's any).


The project is currently in the modelling stage for the Water Supply, Water Distribution, Sewage Collection and Treatment and Commercial Management services of the municipality of Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul. The details of the concession will be defined after the studies are concluded and the granting authority’s approval is obtained.

Contractual structure

Privatization format

  • Concession/PPP

Project revenues

Contract term

In studies

Auction type

Demand information

Total population within the scope of the project: 1,479,101


Milestone Estimated quarter Status
technical studies 3Q 2020 in progress
public hearing 4Q 2020 to be carried out
tender documents 1Q 2021 to be carried out
auction 2Q 2021 to be carried out
contract 3Q 2021 to be carried out